Hi. I’m Kirstyn.

I help Mums 

👉🏻 Work out safely from home

👉🏻 Strengthen (or repair) their pelvic floor

👉🏻 Repair their tummy splits

👉🏻 Learn to love and protect their awesome
post-kids bodies

👉🏻 Feel supported while doing it



Helping YOU to go on a journey to becoming the BEST YOU.


Through easy, fun and SAFE online workouts and a wicked-as community of like-minded Mums


KC Fit @ HOME Free #MumLife Community

This group is for you if you want to:

✔️ Be part of a highly-engaged community of awesome Mums (in a no-judgement, ask any questions space)
✔️ Learn how to exercise safely after having kids
✔️ Check if you have (or work on repairing) a tummy split
✔️ Want to strengthen (or repair) your pelvic floor
✔️ Work toward having a flat tummy SAFELY so that you’re doing your body good not harm

Check out our free videos teaching you how to check for a tummy split and engage your core and join us for the FREE ONLINE WORKOUTS 💪🏻


This free resource gives you instant access to

✔️ A video tutorial showing you how to correctly do pelvic floor exercises (because did you know 30% of women are doing them incorrectly?)
✔️ A 2 page PDF download showing you the basics and two progressions of exercises to help you #sneezewithoutwees and have #leakfreelaughter


Instant access to 3 videos including

✔️ How to check, test, strengthen & relax your pelvic floor muscles
✔️ How to activate your Transverse Abs (deep core muscles)
✔️ Free online workout: Exercise your deep core muscles daily to gain results quicker

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Read what the other members say

  • Dipika Vivek

    “Thanks, Kirstyn for what you do! You are truly amazing. Before meeting Kirstyn, I’ve never thought about my fitness and diet as much as I have now. I’m planning meals and snacks in advance and trying to fit my regular training in the day. It’s fantastic!”

  • Jay Smit

    “All I can say is THANK YOU Kirstyn! What an awesome source of encouragement you are Kirstyn! You make us work hard, have fun and laugh!!! I like how you change things up weekly as it feels like I’m doing something different all the time! Thank you for pushing me, encouraging me and supporting me! You are a STAR at what you do.”

  • Jody Sparks

    I joined KC Fit with Kirstyn after the birth of my second child. I started with her post-natal care classes and not only did I experience immediate results, but haven’t had any lower back or pelvic floor issues like I did after my first child. This knowledge is carried through to her Bootcamps, where she always has options for those with pelvic or tummy issues (or any issues). Her sessions are varied, innovative, fun and I always leave feeling like I’ve had a really good work out. Kirstyn is professional, enthusiastic and really cares about her clients and their results. She always goes the extra mile and lives out and encourages a healthy balanced lifestyle.

    Highly recommended!”

  • Denise S

    “Congratulations Kirstyn, you are the kind of person that is needed in the Fitness Industry. Dealing with not only the physical appearance but also the issues that women have as a result of childbirth which in turn affect mental wellbeing”

Meet Kirstyn

Hi, I’m Kirstyn,  the Founder of KC Fit and KC Fit @ HOME.

I’m driven and passionate to train women safely, repairing and building strong core foundations. Learning how to listen to my body, how to train myself and mums safely and effectively is what drives me to help other mums from going through what I have (by splitting my tummy from top to bottom when my daughter was 7 years old).

“Society expects us women to have children. Then when we do, our bodies are expected to look and function as though we haven’t.”

This way of thinking is exactly what tore my tummy down the middle. I’m not interested in sculpting bikini bodies. Rather empowering mums to learn how to love themselves from the inside out, to show them their self-worth in the season of life they’re in. To enjoy the quality of life they’d like, without the embarrassment of leaking. To be the best version of themselves, not comparing or trying to match-up up to the pressures, false images and expectations in social media.

I’m driven to remove the shame of a mum’s body, rather encourage them to wear their mum badges with pride. Enabling them to be healthy, happy and confident in their own skin. The strongest and fittest they’ve ever been, enjoying the quality of life they deserve – with, of course – leak free laughter!