$250 one off payment

$45 a week for 6 weeks


What you’ll get over the 6 Weeks

  • You will receive a 3 Day Detox (with recipes) to get started

  • Full access to KC Fit @ HOME Online Fitness Membership (200 + workouts)

  • Tight Mummy Tummy and Bits Video Course

  • Free Singlet

  • Group Coaching

  • Weekly emails 


$250 one off payment

$45 a week for 6 weeks

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$250 one off payment

$45 a week for 6 weeks

My story…

Hi, I'm Kirstyn Campbell the Founder of KC Fit and KC Fit @ HOME

I’m mum of 2 adorable kids, wife to one cheeky husband, and I’m darn driven and passionate about training women safely & effectively for their body. Teaching mum’s how to repair their body to get as fit and strong as they’d like with strong core foundations. 

After injuring my core through exercise, I took time out to learn how to listen to and train my body right first. I then re trained to specialize in pre and postnatal exercise and women’s pelvic floor health. I confidently coach mums on how to exercise with your deep core – kicking their butt safely and effectively.

My personal experience and journey is what drives me to help other mums from going through what I have (splitting my tummy from top to bottom when my daughter was 7 years old) and educating women in a very lacking field dominated by men.

“Society expects us women to have children. Then when we do, our bodies are expected to look and function as though we haven’t.”

I’m interested in empowering mums to learn how to love themselves from the inside out, to show them their self-worth in the season of life they’re in. To enjoy the quality of life they’d like, without the embarrassment of leaking or a pooch. To be the best version of themselves, not comparing or trying to match-up up to the pressures, false images and expectations in social media.

I’m driven to remove the shame of a mum’s body, rather encourage them to wear their mum badges with pride. Enabling them to be healthy, happy and confident in their own skin. The strongest and fittest they’ve ever been, enjoying the quality of life they deserve – with, of course – leak free laughter!

$250 one off payment

$45 a week for 6 weeks