BootCraft Helps Busy Trainers Show Up At Their Next Session Knowing They’re Going To Deliver An Awesome Workout

The Story of BootCraft

My name is Kyle Wood and I’m the creator of BootCraft.

In 2010 I was hunting around on the internet looking for ideas to use at my bootcamp. I was pretty disappointed in the lack of good material out there for trainers.

Between the different types of sessions I was running I was needing to come up with 6 or 7 new workouts each week. I hated repeating sessions, I wanted them to be fresh and interesting for myself and my campers.

Even though 2010 was only a few short years ago we didn’t have the awesome Facebook groups and websites that are out there today for group fitness trainers.

So I asked myself, what would I like?

The answer was a website which posted regular workout ideas for me to use.

Which lead me to using some rudimentary web design skills to create my own blog to share my workout ideas on. This is how Bootcamp Ideas came to be born.

Bootcamp Ideas is the busiest website for group fitness and bootcamp trainers on the internet with 500,000 visitors a year.

Fast forward to 2015 and we had accumulated hundreds of workouts, warm ups, games, boxing drills and finishers but they were lost in the archives and it was hard to tell what a workout focused on by the name alone.

So again I asked myself, what would I like?

This time the answer was a database of bootcamp workout ideas I could sort and filter through. I envisioned it like shopping online, only instead of departments we’d have workout types. Instead of price we’d have time.

Instead of shopping for a new gadget I’d be shopping for a workout.

A system like this would let me easily plan out a variety of workouts one month at a time in a matter of minutes.

By now my website skills were better but I thought for this we might need a professional. I sought out several developers before realising that unless you are a trainer who plans their own workouts, you don’t really¬†get a tool that helps you plan workouts.

Which lead me to once again build this thing myself. This is how BootCraft came to be born.

We launched in November of 2015 with just 30 workout ideas in the database, now at the time of writing this there is over 400 ideas and it grows every month.

From day one of inception I knew BootCraft was going to be a premium service (you have to pay to use it) but I also remember what it’s like being a new trainer with a small income. Or a part time trainer working just a few hours a week.

One really important aspect for me then was to make BootCraft really affordable for bootcamps of all different sizes. There’s not heavy fees here, just great workout ideas.

Looking forward to seeing you inside,

– Kyle

What you need to know

If the above was too long (I get it, I like to ramble) here’s all you need to know:

  1. BootCraft will save you a ton of time with planning sessions.
  2. It will inspire you to up your workout designing game.
  3. In turn, this will help attract and retain amazing clients.

Sign up and try it out for yourself.