Join us for in-person
strength and fitness classes

Based in sunny Kumeu, Auckland, our in-person classes are the perfect way to keep yourself accountable, and workout with friends.

Choose the ideal class session that fits around you!

Here at KC Fit, we know how crazy life gets and we want you to find a time that works. That you can comfortably commit to and look forward to each week.

The ‘typical’ Bootcamp style has a great mix of cardio, body-weight exercises, strength work using a variety of dumbbells, battle rope, kettle bells, resistance bands, medicine balls etc which is all provided for you.

The boxing class has a focus on technique, fitness and body weight strength, with our signature core and pelvic floor safe and focus.

The Sub30 Core Restore & Cardio has the first half being a slow deep core and glutes strengthening focus, the second half is low impact high intensity cardio guaranteed to elevate your heart and build a sweat.

The Strength classes are using weights and a lot of them, focused on technique, a slower pace while progressively overloading to keep lifting heavier as you're ready.

The HIIT class is only 30min of self passed body weight cardio, with our signature core and pelvic floor safety and focus. This is a high impact class easily adapted to low impact if needed.

*All exercises can be adapted for all bodies.  
Enjoy working out WITH your pelvic floor keeping your knickers dry!

AND - the best thing is: we have a FREE onsite babysitter for the 8.159.1am and 5am classes!

Our classes are perfectly timed so you can drop the kids off at kindy/school and then dedicate 45 min to yourself – along with a bunch of other likeminded mum’s out there staying sane and getting fit too. Don’t have anyone to watch the little ones? No problem! Leave them with our FREE babysitter while you get your sweat on.

All of our classes (including the in-person ones) are also available Live Online via zoom. The recordings are available for 24 hours.

The two 6am classes are only online

Join us online from anywhere!

Block dates for 2024

Our block dates line up with the school holidays for your convenience! 


30 January to 13th April 2024


29 April to 6th July 2024


22nd July to 28th September 2024


14th October to 21st December 2024

Class locations

Matua Ngaru School

Gilbransen Road, Huapai

Tuesday 6pm - Mum's Boxing

Saturday 8am - Bootcamp

Kumeu & Huapai

Huapai Domain & Shed X (Hanham Road, Kumeu)

Monday - Strong Mums 8:15am & 9:15am

Wednesday - Bootcamp 9:15am

Thursday - Sub30 Core Restore & Cardio 9:15am

Friday - Strong Mums 9:15am

Check out the timetable!

Contact us here about booking in for an in-person class!

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Frequently asked questions

Can I come and try it out before I sign up for a block?

Yes, you sure can. We intentionally offer your first session free so that you can come and see if we are a good fit for what you’re looking for. Please contact us beforehand to book in for your free session, ensuring there is room and we’ll arrange to meet you slightly earlier beforehand.

Can I pick and choose different sessions from week to week?

If you sign up for the Buffet package 4+ sessions, then you can go to as many sessions as you like, and they can vary from week to week. Though you do still need to book in your planned sessions to secure your spot as each class is capped.

If you sign up to 1, 2 or 3 sessions a we you lock in the specific sessions for the block and have 1 make up session per block, which can be used for any other session where there is space.

What happens if the weather is bad?

We have either indoor or under cover options at all our locations. Which means we train rain, hail or shine – all year round.

How soon after child birth can I come join in?

The first step is to be cleared to exercise by your LMC (Lead Maternity Career), this is often done at your 6 week check-up, as all pregnancy and births are unique the timeframe varies. No matter the age of your youngest child, we recommend completing a block of Tight Mummy Tummy & Bits/ Post Natal classes first or alongside Bootcamp & Boxing training, to ensure you’re safely and effectively using your mummy body (core, pelvic floor muscles) to gain optimal results and training safely with KC Fit.

Are these classes safe for mums?

Yes! Whether you have weak pelvic floor muscles, a tummy split, lower back or sciatica pain, we adapt exercises and the layout of the programs to ensure your safety and the ultimate effectiveness in reaching your goals.

What gear do I have to bring to each session?

To bootcamp - we recommend you bring a drink bottle and yoga mat – limited spare mats are available. To boxing, bring your own wraps for hygiene, we ask for a gold coin donation for borrowed wraps. KC Fit provides gloves and focus pads - they just might be a bit smelly so bring your own if you prefer. At the Tight Mummy Tummy & Bits classes we provide all the gear needed.

Do I need to be fit to attend?

No, not at all! We cater for all fitness levels from couch potato to athlete, so you can train at your own pace – whatever that may be and get fit with us together.

Is there a babysitter at the sessions?

Yes! For those who prefer to make the most of your workout with no distractions, for all the 9.30am and 10am sessions there is a FREE babysitter onsite and indoors. This needs to be booked in to ensure the ratios are manageable.

How long are the sessions?

The sessions are 1 hour long. Which includes a warm up, dynamic stretching, the main workout, cool down and static stretching.