Stop struggling with your Mummy Tummy and start to strengthen and flatten your core

With this 6 week program you will strengthen your core, improving your tummy separation and core stability, by learning how to breath and exercise your core right for you!

Flatten your Mummy tummy
Improve your core stability
Improve your core strength
Ease lower back pain
Learn what a tummy separation is (and improve yours)
Learn effective core exercises

What you'll get with KC Fit Core Restore...

Video Education

Weekly emails


Progress tracker

Why are these skills SO important?

Because exercising can cause tummy separation and weaken your pelvic floor!

My Story...

After having my first baby, I returned to the same exercises I'd always done. As I felt fitter and stronger, I pushed harder and harder - it felt great!

Until, I felt a large dip down the centre of my stomach. I later found out from a Women's Health Physiotherapist that during exercise, I'd put so much pressure on where my six-pack connect, that it had separated right down the middle, from top to bottom and weakened my pelvic floor muscles.

I was heart broken, though it answered why my lower back had been feeling less stable, my hip had pain while running and why I had developed a pooch.

After injuring my core through 'conventional' exercise (like the ones below), I took time out to learn how to understand, listen to and exercise my body right!

My personal experience and journey is what drives me to help other mums from going through what I have (separating my tummy from top to bottom when my daughter was 7 years old) and educating women and other fitness professionals in a very lacking field dominated by men.

These are the types of exercises that caused the damage I suffered...


Unlike generic core programs, KC Fit Core Restore was specially designed for a mums unique body

"Women are not small men, so need to exercise differently."

I've helped hundreds of mum's to dramatically improve their core strength, stability, confidence and tummy separation with the exercises and knowledge I'm sharing with you in these 6 20min Core focused workout videos.

As you know, I separated my core right down the middle and weakened my pelvic floor doing 'conventional' core exercises.

It turns out -

Until your deep core is strong enough and your 2 finger plus gap is improved, we need to avoid:
  • Full prone exercises (face down)
  • Exercises where your shoulders leave the ground
  • Exercises with twisting on the core
  • Exercises with both feet off the ground
  • Exercises & movements that cause doming/ peeking

If you; allow time for your body to heal, learn how to exercise your deep core well, increase your whole core strength and endurance through these workouts - this helps you to confidently return to the exercises you enjoy. Your aim is to get all your core muscles of similar strength, functioning well together with your breath.

All of this - because ultimately I want you to be able to:

  • Proudly embrace your beautiful mum body
  • Feel strong in your core function and movement
  • Understand how to confidently exercise right for your body
  • Have healed any injury, loosened any stiffness, strengthened any weakness

            Basically OWN IT!!!

Your Investment

  • Indepth video training (value $87)
  • How to measure a Tummy Gap (Value $47)
  • Measuring Your Tummy Separation Worksheet (BONUS)
  • Specialised deep core workouts (value $57 each x 6 = $342)
  • Weekly coaching emails (Value $47 x 6 = $282)
  • Lifetime access and updates 


Pay only




Money back guarantee... 

If you do our 6 week KC Fit Core Restore program and decide it hasn’t helped you at all, contact us within 14 days and we’ll give a full refund

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Bronni Brown

Just wanted to say a huge thank you. So far I’m at week 4, I’ve noticed a huge difference in my strength as well as doing the detox. Can’t wait to get to week 10 and see what the transformation is. I really appreciate how thorough you are in your videos. 
Thanks again and looking forward to doing these exercises as part of my maintenance and ongoing fitness.

Jenni Stent

I am so excited to have completed the Core Restore programme - stronger, safer, tummy split healed and pelvic floor finally working properly and now I know how to exercise safely again. Reached a milestone yesterday where I was at a bbq for 4 hours, had a couple of drinks, didn't have to pee the whole time, and even coming home was no longer an embarrassing rush. Such a difference in 5 weeks!!

Sarah Joseph

I can’t recommend KC Fit enough! I recently sustained an injury, and Kirstyn has been amazingly supportive and helped me keep moving safely. I am so grateful to have found Kirstyn almost 4 years ago. She has helped motivate and encourage me to be healthier and stronger, safely, through pregnancy, recovery, and now through an injury. 

Frequently asked questions

My children are older, is it too late for my core?

While majority of tummy separations close themselves within 3 months postpartum, you can still close your tummy separation later in life with the correct advice, and health support. Your connective tissue, deep core and back muscles are just like all muscles - it's never too late to strengthen and improve them.
Assuming that you're performing your transverse ab exercises effectively and consistently while stopping the exercises and movements that counteract the improvements. I always have hope for improvement in strength, function and movement.

Can I do this core program while pregnant?

Yes, if you feel comfortable on your back then do so, if not you can adapt the exercises to either sitting or standing if your Lead Maternity Carer (LMC) has cleared you to do these core exercises, then it's a great time to start learning about and doing your deep core muscle exercises to aid with posture throughout pregnancy, birth and your recovery.

As with any exercise you do during pregnancy, keep listening to your body as you progress through pregnancy and keep in contact with your LMC as every pregnancy is different and every mum's body responds to exercises differently.

How long will it take to feel and see results to my core?

Everyone's journey, body and history are unique so no one can predict how long results will take.
However, you should feel that your transverse muscles have been exercised even from your first workout - if your technique is correct. When looking at general muscle strength, achieving optimum power usually takes 3 months. And this is all assuming that you're performing your transverse ab exercises correctly and consistently.

Many of my clients have experienced dramatic improvement to their core strength, tummy separation, lower back pain & pelvic floor symptoms within the 10 week program Tight Mummy Tummy & Bits which I've run for over 5 years - these core exercises are a part of that course.

What is your refund policy?

If you do our 6 week KC Fit Core Restore program and decide it hasn't worked for you at all, contact us within 14 days and we'll give a full refund. 

What equipment will I need?

You can do the program following the workout videos using a computer, smartphone or tablet. No other equipment is needed.

How soon after birth can I do this core program?

This all depends on your birth and recovery. Generally, as soon as you have healed to and have no pain you can activate your pelvic floor muscles and transverse ab muscles (c-section will need longer), then you are safe to get started. Starting exercises will bring blood flow to help with healing also. This program is designed to progress along uniquely with each mum.

If you have any specific questions about whether this is a good fit for you, please feel free to message Kirstyn directly. I can guide you more personally on whether I think the program is the correct fit for you. Or you can ask your Lead Maternity Carer, Women's Healthy Physio or GP first.

Does this core program replace seeing a Women's Health Physiotherapist?

No. I recommend all women see a women's health physiotherapist about their specific body and needs. This program is a great addition to your toolkit, and will help your core dramatically, but it does not replace seeing a specialized Physiotherapist. Though this program has been thoroughly checked through and approved by a Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist.

How often can I do these core workouts?

I advise you do the Transverse abdominal activators (taught in the program) everyday you're not doing a core workout to help feel results faster. 
The core workouts can be done every other day to allow time for recovery, or self guided listening to your body and the amount of recovery it needs.

Is this core program suitable if I've had a c-section?

Yes, while you'll need to wait for your stitches to heal (internally as well as externally), and be guided by any pulling on the edges of your internal stitches - once your deep core feels ready then this program will work really well to help with your balance and core stability. 

Seeing a Women's Health Physio post c-section to have your scaring checked and massaged can give results faster, no matter how far postpartum you are.