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I know what it’s like to worry about what’s going on ‘down there’. 7 years after the birth of my daughter, I experienced a painful tummy split right down the middle (diastasis recti tear) and in turn embarrassingly leaking pelvic floor muscles, and it totally sucked!

However, my own experience and personal recovery lead to the discovery of a huge area lacking in the fitness industry for so many mum’s. Our bodies are different and therefore need to exercise differently for us to gain the best SAFEST results!

Today my abdominal, pelvic floor & back strength is better than it was pre kids. I have such good body awareness and the ability to listen to what my body needs on any given day, which I’d never had before. And it feels INCREDIBLE to now be in a position to be able to help you (and many other mum’s) achieve the same thing.

For me, this makes my own painful (often emotional) journey 100% worth it!

I am so passionate about helping to educate mum’s how to reconnect with your body. And teach you the way it was designed to function and exercise, reconnecting with your deep inner core muscles and as a result, helping you regain your confidence!

Your First Action Step – Start Now!

Watching and doing the exercises in the videos below will help you SAFELY strengthen your core muscles:

  1. HOW to check, test and strengthen your Pelvic Floor Muscles – available NOW
  2. HOW to activate your Transverse Ab – available Wednesday
  3. HOW to daily exercise your deep core to gain results quicker – available Friday