We specialise in educating health and fitness professionals on the safe and effective techniques and approaches used for training clients during their prenatal and postnatal stages. Once postnatal, postnatal for life!

of women will have children
of women who have had children leak
of women who have had children prolapse

Know better, do better!

80% of women leak over their lifetime

The work we do as health and fitness professionals to better understand their pelvic floor function matters. It can literally mean the difference between improving or harming their quality of life.

Pregnancy, Postnatal and Pelvic Floor is an in-person course that will help you understand how to confidently work with and speak to your female clients through pregnancy, postpartum, pelvic floor dysfunction and beyond to be fit and strong for life!

6.5 CPDS - pending update

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Expect pre learning, easy to follow dynamic presenting, breaks (great local food & coffee), movement, program planning and practical instruction that will keep you on your toes!

Course Content Overview:

The course covers three main areas: Pelvic Floor, Pregnancy and Postnatal.


Pelvic Floor
  • What pelvic floor muscles are, their function and purpose.
  • How the pelvic floor muscles are impacted throughout the 3 trimesters.
  • Exercise prescription throughout pregnancy with pelvic floor dysfunction.
  • Prolapse during pregnancy.
  • How pelvic floor muscles are impacted from childbirth.
  • Prolapse, pelvic floor disfunction, incontinence and what this means for your exercise programming.


  • How pregnancy(s) impact the body, her health, and exercise.
  • Health risks to look out for during her training.
  • Understanding direction on safely programming and training throughout pregnancy.
  • Pregnancy health form/ PARQ questions to be asking.
  • Allied Health professionals, staying within your scope of practise, building an Allied team around you.
  • Various challenging and safe exercises throughout the pregnancy.
  • Great alternatives for exercise considerations throughout pregnancy.
  • Programming/ prescription for your area of health and fitness put into practise and discussed.
  • Adaptions for common pregnancy health challenges to help keep the mum moving and in great condition for childbirth and working with you for as long as is appropriate.


  • The impact of childbirth on her body – from C-section and vaginal deliveries.
  • Understanding diastasis recti: the causes, how to check for DR. 
  • How to help improve deep core integrity, function and strength from child birth and beyond.
  • Details on doming/ coning what is OK, what to avoid and how.
  • How hormones: relaxin, the cycle, peri (menopause), impact a woman’s body. The impact of these in exercise; what to look out for and how to adapt programming to get the best out of her body for her training.
  • Postpartum health form/ PARQ questions to be asking.
  • Various challenging safe exercises for both new and seasoned mums with an abundance of great alternatives to offer (with HIIT, Strength, Agility, Sport etc.) to help them train hard and safe.
  • How to activate the deep core muscles, how to instruct on the use of the deep core during exercise, challenging to seek out doming potential incontinence and find the 'end point'.

In the practical sessions, we will look at examples of Pregnancy, Postpartum and Pelvic floor dysfunction  and put into practice the tools learnt, to help you understand and be able to confidently adjust programmed exercise for your clients.

Hands on practical class training
Detailed course notes
Tools for easy implementation
Additional PARQ questions for clients

What professionals have to say about our courses:

Lana Fort

Pregnancy, Postnatal and Paediatric Osteopath

We had Kirstyn come into our Osteopathy clinic for her Pre, Postnatal and Pelvic Floor course for us for some in house CPD. It was amazing, and we learnt so much. It was the perfect combo of hands on/theory so really easy to take in the information. We treat a lot of pregnant and postpartum mums so it was great to be able to close the gap in our knowledge and apply what we learnt straight away into clinic. I have also done one of Kirstyn's online courses which was also really helpful for returning to exercise safely post having my children. I would highly rate the course and Kirstyn was a great teacher!

Ryan Monastra

MSK Physiotherapist Back in Action Director, Masterton

Kirstyn ran a course at my gym in 2020 on pregnancy and postpartum for my staff of PTs, Physios, Massage therapist. Her presentation was well structured and filled with helpful tips and anecdotes from her experience; as well as up to date takeaways from the scientific research -  communicated in a succinct, engaging and masterful manner. Kirstyn is easy to deal with and gave our staff some super helpful guidance that linked well with our existing services. I wouldn’t hesitate to utilise Kirstyn again and would highly recommend her services in similar contexts. 


Rebel Fitness, Perth

As a male trainer who has spent a lot of time and money on education I thought I knew everything. That was until I undertook the pre and postnatal educational resources designed by Kirstyn. I soon realised when it comes to training females properly I actually knew very little. 

If you are a male trainer you need to learn what Kirstyn teaches. Your females clients will thank you for it. 

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