How to avoid wetting your knickers

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Did you know, 80% of women leak?

Are you, one of them?

While this is common, it’s not normal at all. And if we just ignore it, then you are going to end up in an adult nappy.

First of all, you’ve got to stop, stop doing the things that are causing you to leak that are causing you to wet yourself. Just for now, we’re going to pull back until you’ve been assessed, and until you’ve regained control of your pelvic floor muscles.

Then you’re going to start by doing your pelvic floor exercises, and I have got a teaching video and Pelvic Floor cheat sheet to help you with it. You’re also going to get checked out by a woman’s health or pelvic floor physiotherapist.

There are so many reasons that you could be leaking. They nail it really well. And they also make sure that your technique is right.

Did you know that 30% of women who are doing pelvic floor exercises are doing them wrong?
So ineffective, pelvic floor muscles that are not being done right, are helping keep your knickers dry.


Okay, next we look at nutrition.

So we, if we’re leaking, we want to avoid caffeine, alcohol, and fake sugar. Real sugar as better for your pelvic floor than fake sugar. And you want to start making sure that you are drinking enough water. Often we can think, reduce your water to stop leaking and to stop going to the toilet so often and then is not the case at all. We want to make sure we are drinking enough water.


Next, we’re going to look at exercise.

So before you exercise, you want to go to the toilet. Exercise on an empty bladder.
And if during exercise, you need to go to the toilet or you’ve leaked, go. Empty yourself again, then look at what you were doing. And you just need to pull back. Whether that’s the depth of your squat, whether that is the speed of your run, or your punch, you may need to pull back from running, you may need to lighten your weight, take the weight out completely. We’re just looking at what we were doing that wasn’t working that was too much on your pelvic floor and pulling back from that because being active and exercising is really important for us.

Side note, if you cannot lift your pelvic floor muscles during exercise or while you’re standing, then you shouldn’t be exercising standing. You can still exercise when you’re sitting. Swiss balls are amazing.

Then we will look at using your pelvic floor while you’re exercising

So invite your pelvic floor into your workout. You’re going to use your breath on the exhale, is when we use our pelvic floor muscles. And you’re also going to use your pelvic floor with movement. It’s honestly that simple.


Now we’re going to look at breath

Did you know that holding your breath causes intra abdominal pressure, which pushes down on your pelvic floor? That is one of the causes of leaking or wetting yourself. Breathing well and not holding your breath – is so important. It’s that simple.

On your exhale, squeeze in your pelvic floor.

Now we’re going to look at functional

You want to use your pelvic floor and invite your pelvic floor into everyday life:

  • When you pick up the kids
  • When you pick up a baby capsule
  • When you are picking up a basket of washing
  • When you pick up the bags of shopping
  • When you cough or sneeze
  • Before you cough or sneeze you want to quickly lift your pelvic floor so they can withhold the power of your massive sneeze, or a coughing fit

Okay, it is so simple, seriously simple, to stop wetting your knickers.

Go through the list. Give yourself some time, figure out why you’re leaking, and then give your pelvic floor muscles and you time to readjust and improve. We’re going to improve your self-esteem and we’re going to prove your self-confidence. How awesome is that?

Remember, while it’s really really common to wet yourself, it is not normal at all.

Pelvic Floor Cheat Sheet

To help, I have video teaching you how to do your pelvic floor exercises correctly and a pelvic floor exercise cheat sheet.
You can print out and refer to as often as you need, to keep progressing.

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