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Inside Sneeze Without Wees 8 Week Incontinence Program


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Your KC Fit @ HOME membership includes:

Learn how to activate your core muscles properly.

With the Mum’s Introduction to Exercise Course (So you know how to avoid damaging your body doing unsafe workouts)

New workouts weekly with Kirstyn Campbell

Our workouts vary from 4-45 minutes and are all graded in terms of intensity. Choose from 3 levels: foundational, feeling confident and advanced.

Library of over 250 workouts!

All designed by a mum, for mums, so you’ll never be bored.

Supportive community of amazing mums

We also host regular challenges to keep you engaged and accountable.

What Makes KC Fit @ HOME So Special and Different From Other Online Memberships?

Did you know that most conventional exercise programs are not designed for women, and can actually do us more harm than good?

Yes, it's true. Exercising can cause a mummy-tummy, sore lower back and incontinence. It can even cause a tummy split, or an existing tummy split to worsen.

Some of the exercises that are harmful include; sit-ups, burpees, push-ups, and planks.

The great news is that there are ways to workout safely. And the alternatives, when done correctly, are even more effective!

What makes KC Fit @ HOME so special is that we have designed ALL of our workouts to be safe for Mums and we educate you on how to keep your body safe!


No need to take our word for how awesome it is...

We've trained thousands of women and have a 5⭐ rating

Jo Foster

Absolutely love what Kirstyn does at KC Fit for so many reasons... I feel like I'm a fan girl I've been a member of the online programme for over a year. Kirstyn is really fun and motivating to workout with. It's honestly the easiest way to get fit and strong with the least amount of hassle. 

AJ Norton

Kirstyn has taught me so much about returning to exercise safely and the Mummy Tummy class was really effective in closing my tummy split & strengthening my core after having my 2nd baby.
KC Fit classes (bootcamps & more) are great fun, motivating, challenging & they really work at getting you fitter & stronger in a safe way. Kirstyn and her expertise are second to none and I would highly recommend KC Fit

Sarah Joseph

I can’t recommend KC Fit enough! I recently sustained an injury, and Kirstyn has been amazingly supportive and helped me keep moving safely. I am so grateful to have found Kirstyn almost 4 years ago. She has helped motivate and encourage me to be healthier and stronger, safely, through pregnancy, recovery, and now through an injury. I never liked exercising before, but now, Bootcamp and Boxing are the highlights of my week, and have been for 4 years. 

Hi, I'm Kirstyn

I’m a mum to two amazing children 8 & 11yrs. Wife to the best daddy and friend a girl could ask for, The Chad.

6 yrs ago, I tore my stomach muscles down the middle and weakened my pelvic floor through exercising unsafely, as everyone else does, how we’re taught to – like men do.

This led me into studying pre and post-natal exercise and specialising in how to exercise women safely. Men and women have different body makeup, we need to acknowledge this and exercise accordingly!

After learning first hand that conventional exercise isn’t what my mum body needs anymore, I want to help others heal and enjoy being active without a lifetime of wet knickers and huge tummy split.

Looking forward to having you join our tribe at KC Fit @ Home

Kirstyn xo

Subscription options


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per week

Workouts for $10 per week

1 x new workout added each week

Community of supportive mums

Library of over 200 workouts


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/per year

Work outs for $3.40 per week

1 x new workout per week

Community of supportive mums

Library of over 200 workouts

Frequently asked questions

How soon after child birth can I come join in?

The first step is to be cleared to exercise by your LMC (Lead Maternity Career- Midwife, GP etc..), this is often done at your 6-week check-up. 

All pregnancies and births are unique, so the time frame varies depending on if you had any complications or a c-section. Be lead by how your body feels. 

You are welcome to message and we can talk it through.

Are these classes safe for mums?

Yes! Whether you have weak pelvic floor muscles, a tummy split, lower back or sciatica pain, we adapt exercises and the layout of the programs to ensure your safety and the ultimate effectiveness in reaching your goals.

Do I need to be fit to do these workouts?

No, not at all! I cater for all fitness levels, so you can workout safely at your own pace – whatever that may be getting fitter and stronger with me.

How long are the workouts?

We have a wide variety of workout lengths to cater for all occasions varying from 4 - 45 minutes. Most workouts are 20-30mins (ish). 

Being online, you can pause the workout if/ when you need to.

We have built our library of Rehab workouts for when you're looking for slower-paced sessions, have an injury or your period.

What gear do I need for each workout?

All you will need is yourself and some water. We will make use of what you have around your house ( e.g a chair or couch). I will let you know in each workout what we will be doing, and any equipment needed.

How often can I do these workouts?

We recommend that you do some sort of exercise 3-4 times a week. Whether that is all KC Fit @ HOME workouts or a mixture of these workouts alongside other exercises you enjoy like running, walking, swimming or sport etc. With two new workouts every week there will be no shortage of workouts to choose from.

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