Thank you for being a KC #FitFriend and sharing our awesome @HOME training with your friends.

Because we take our brand very serious, there are some Terms and Conditions you need to agree to before becoming a KC #FitFriend (Affiliate). These are subject to change. Please refer back to this page regularly for any changes.

In the video below I give you a demonstration of a sample Dashboard & show you the key settings to ensure you have setup.

Once you have registered as an affiliate, you can login to your Dashboard at any time by clicking on the Member Login button below, navigate to ‘Your Account’, and clicking Affiliate Account


By giving out your affiliate link, you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.

Brand Guidelines

When sharing or advertising our Membership or Products, you must write the names of them exactly as we do. Please only use images provided by us unless you have had your additioanl artwork approved by our Creative Director in writing. 

Affiliate Commission FAQs

This is a first-referral affiliate program. This means that whoever referred the lead with their link first will receive the commission.

Affiliate links are valid for 365 days. After this time, if your lead has not purchased, it is recommended that you get them to purchase through your affiliate link again so that your commission is captured.

Affiliate commission is paid out at the rate of 15%, unless otherwise specified for a particular product.

Affiliate commission will be paid in the first week of each month, following the expiry of any refund period.

You must not bribe or pay people to use your affiliate link. You may offer a bonus, but this must not exceed the value of your affiliate commission.

If you are advertising the link in a blog post, please use the etiquette of letting people know you may earn a small commission if they use your link to purchase.

Where to refer questions?

At any time, if you have any enquiries about your affiliate account, please email us at chad@kcfit.co.nz

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