Pelvic floor symptoms, incontinence and prolapse, while common, are not normal!

‘Sneeze without Wees’ is an 8 Week Pelvic Floor Training Program for women – designed to help you protect and restore your Pelvic Floor.

Designed by Personal Trainer & Pelvic Floor Specialist Kirstyn Campbell and Approved by Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist Jamie Thomas

The Sneeze without Wees Program is designed to help you:

Understand how to look after your pelvic floor in everyday life and exercise

Help to repair your pelvic floor, regain confidence and reduce your symptoms or be symptom-free

Provide you with an easy-to-follow program, with motivation you can continue to use for the rest of your life

Who will this program help?

Women experiencing any common pelvic floor symptoms who would like to try an affordable, effective and non-surgical method of improving their symptoms, such as;
  •  Leaking
  •  Urgency 
  •  Frequency
  •  Heaviness/bulging/prolapse

Mums who would like to repair their pelvic floor after having children

 Those who would like to learn how to keep their pelvic floor safe and functioning well throughout their lifespan

Women who want to exercise, jump on a trampoline, run and BE FREE to live a life without fear of leaking 😉

Pelvic floor 8 week training program Sneeze Without Wees

What will you get inside the program?

Inside Sneeze Without Wees 8 Week Incontinence Program

6 Modules of Videos

Teaching you everything from basic female anatomy, how to do pelvic floor exercises and understanding how to stay safe

8 week prolapse and incontinence program

8 Week Pocket Pal

Your printable accountability and tracking buddy, helping you stay on track and measure your progress weekly

A Pre-start Worksheet

To check you’re safe to start and to complete again at the end of 8 weeks to measure your progress

3 x Pelvic Floor Safe Workouts

1. Restore your core 2. Strength and Cardio workout 3. A 5-minute ‘Snack’ exercise Coaching you through

Printable Cheat Sheet

With written directions to easily remind yourself how and when to do the pelvic floor exercises

Physiotherapist Approved Pelvic Floor Program

Approved by a Physio

Program approved by Women’s and Pelvic Floor Health Specialist Physiotherapist Jamie Thomas

Your Investment: Only $97 for lifetime access

If you’re ready to take action, we’re confident that you’ll LOVE
Sneeze without Wees

But don’t take our word for it – here’s what others say about Training with Kirstyn …

Hi, I'm Kirstyn

Founder of KC Fit @ HOME and KC Fit NZ. I’m a mum to two amazing children 14 & 11yrs. Wife to the best daddy and friend a girl could ask for, The Chad.

7 years post partum, I tore my stomach muscles down the middle and weakened my pelvic floor muscles through exercising unsafely, as everyone does, how we’re taught to – like men do.

This led me into studying pregnancy and post-natal exercise, pelvic floor safety and specialising in how to exercise women safely (mind blowing!). Men and women have a different body makeup, we need to acknowledge this, exercise and live accordingly. It’s surprisingly simply once you know how!

Looking forward to cheering you on in your transformation!

Kirstyn x

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Frequently asked questions

I'm an older Mum, is it too late for me?

No definitely not. Pelvic floor muscles are just like all muscles - it's never too late to strengthen and improve them. Usually people should feel a vast improvement by 8 weeks as long as there are no defects. When looking at general muscle strength, achieving optimum power usually takes 3 months. And this is all assuming that you're performing your pelvic floor exercises consistently

Can I do this while pregnant or after giving birth?

Yes, when you're pregnant it's a great time to start learning about and doing your pelvic floor exercises to aid with pelvic floor function during pregnancy, for birth and your recovery. The first exercises you'd ideally start doing when you've recently given birth are your pelvic floor exercises. We have specific teaching videos in the program specifically for pregnancy and for recent Mums.

How long will it take to see results?

Everyone's journey with this is unique so we cannot predict.
However, you should feel a vast improvement by 8 weeks as long as there are no defects. When looking at general muscle strength, achieving optimum power usually takes 3 months. And this is all assuming that you're performing your pelvic floor exercises consistently.
Many of my clients have experienced dramatic improvement in their symptoms in as little as a week.

What is your refund policy?

If you complete our 8 week Sneeze without Wees program and decide it's not working for you, contact us within 14 days and we'll give a full refund. 

What equipment do I need?

You can do the course using a computer, smartphone or tablet. No other equipment is needed.
You'll get more motivation from it if you print the handouts on any handy printer.

How do I know this will help me?

Sneeze without Wees is an informative educational program to teach women how to listen to their body and use their deep core. If you have any specific questions about whether this is a good fit for you, please feel free to message Kirstyn directly. We can guide you more personally on whether we think the program is the correct fit or if you should go directly to a Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist or GP first.

Does this replace seeing a Women's Health Physiotherapist?

No. I recommend all women see a women's/ pelvic floor health physiotherapist about their specific body and needs. They can check you internally, ensure you are doing the exercises correctly (because 50% of us don't), and make sure you don't have anything structurally that is effecting you.
This program is a great addition to your toolkit, but it does not replace seeing a specialized Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist or Doctor.

Is there any guided help or accountability?

Throughout your first 8 weeks in the program we will send you  weekly accountability emails to check your progress.
For support and accountability from other Mums doing the program, you can join our Free KC Fit MumLife Community on Facebook.
The best place to join for ongoing accountability and exercise support is in our online KC Fit @ HOME membership.

Only $97 for lifetime access!