Welcome to this 3-part video series!

It's designed to help you safely strengthen and tone your core and pelvic floor muscles after having a baby.

I encourage you to take some distraction-free time today to watch and try out the exercises so you can make sure you're doing them properly.

Learning how to activate your muscles correctly will make the all the difference in how your fitness and energy will improve as you return to doing exercise.

Let me know if you've got any questions either by email or in our Facebook group.

Kirstyn xx

PS. My tip to you is to bookmark this page so that you can return and use it whenever you want ;)

VIDEO 1: How to check, test, strengthen & relax your pelvic floor muscles

VIDEO 2: How to activate your Transverse Abs (deep core muscles)

VIDEO 3: ONLINE WORKOUT: Exercise your deep core muscles daily to gain results quicker

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