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Pelvic floor essentials for fitness pors
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Sub30 Core Restore
2.5 CPDs

Sub30 Core has joined forces with KC Fit’s Kirstyn Campbell to help fitness professionals worldwide understand the importance of training the core region in a safe and effective manner. Sub30 Core Restore is a series of entry level workouts in mp3 format designed to target:
  • New Mums
  • Pelvic Floor & TA (Transverse Abdominals)
  • Diastasis Recti (Ab Separation)
  • Rebuilding a Weak Core
  • Lower Back Problems


Pelvic Floor Essentials for Fitness Professionals 
6.5 CPDs / 10 CECs

  • 100% online
  • Self paced with no time limit (you can take as long as you like to complete the course)
  • Lifetime access to all coursework (even after completion you can log back in and refresh)

  • Approx 9-10hrs of coursework

  • CECs and completion certificate delivered within 3 business days of completion

  • No video assessment required

Workshops for Trainers
6 CPDs

Pregnancy – how it impacts the mum’s body & health, her exercise, how the pelvic floor muscles are impacted, things to look out for during her training. 
Discussion & practical time: covering various challenging exercises throughout the pregnancy and great alternatives.
Postnatal – how childbirth can impact (injure) her body, how pelvic floor muscles are impacted, prolapse & incontinence. Diastasis recti (ab separation), how to use the deep core during class, details on doming and how to avoid it. 
Discussion & practical time: covering various challenging exercises for mum’s and great alternatives 

What they are all saying about these courses

  • “I recently attended Kirstyn’s Prenatal, Postpartum & Pelvic Floor course for fitness professionals and found it EXCELLENT. I thought doming was normal/ not fixable WRONG. I thought if your pelvic floor was wrecked it was wrecked WRONG. I didn’t know the reasons behind how and why to train safely during pregnancy/ postpartum but this course explains all the WHYS and HOWS based on science. I’m frightened that I didn’t know this stuff sooner 😬 Highly recommend.”

    Raylene Grant
    Comd Physical Performance Squadron
    NZ Defensive Force
  • “It’s incredible that this type of information isn’t taught to trainers when they first become qualified. It’s so important.
    There’s a reason why the word “essential” is in the title of this course. It’s because the content is essential to training clients safely and effectively.
    I’ve done countless courses/workshops over my 11 years as a trainer and I put this course in the top 3 I’ve ever done.”
    Sean McCrory
    Sub30 Core
  • “I was lucky enough to participate in Kirstyn’s online Pelvic Floor Essentials course. It was so great to get so much comprehensive content and information in such an easy to understand and interesting format! Kirstyn is extremely down to earth and is passionate about sharing her expertise with others when it comes to pelvic floor health, pregnancy, and post natal training. This course is a MUST for any fitness professional or individual who is interested in learning more about the safety and importance of training women effectively!”

    Megan Reyden
    Optimize Health
  • “Pelvic Floor Essentials for PT’s – Absolutely loved this course- Kirstyn Campbell is an excellent trainer – knowledgeable, open and super supportive with a great sense of humour. I recommend this course to any trainer. I’ve done previous pre / postnatal qualifications and still learned LOADS from this course.”

    Alicia Johnson
    Feel Good Fitness
  • “Kirstyn is the my ‘go to’ expert for Pelvic Floor knowledge and support. As a mentor, Kirstyn is caring, supportive and empowering. I have seen her passion for education & sharing her knowledge first hand and it inspires me and all around her. Kirstyn has a great knack for using the right language for her audience, getting her message across to improve trainers and her clients. Putting people as ease on the tough subjects and allowing everyone to learn and improve because of her approach. Kirstyn is still the first on my list for pelvic floor education.”

    Nikki Williams
    Exercise NZ & REPs

My story…

Hi, I'm Kirstyn Campbell of KC Fit Founder of KC Fit, @ HOME, and numerous courses. Also Co creator of Sub 30 Core Restore

I’m mum of 2 adorable kids, wife to one cheeky husband, and I’m darn driven and passionate about training women safely & effectively for their body. Teaching mum’s how to repair their body to get as fit and strong as they’d like with strong core foundations. 

After injuring my core through exercise, I re trained to specialize in pre and postnatal exercise and women’s pelvic floor health and haven’t stopped to stay current. I have confidently coached mums on how to exercise with your deep core – kicking their butt safely and effectively since 2016.

Some of my qualifications are: Exercise Level 3 & 4, Safe Return to Exercise (pre & postnatal exercise). Modern Pregnancy Exercise, 6 Step Restore you Core and Pelvic Floor, Pelvic Floor Focus Continence NZ, Pre and Post Natal Exercise.

I’m REPS registered (NZ Register of Exercise Professionals), being part of a body that I’m accountable to is important to me

“Society expects us women to have children. Then when we do, our bodies are expected to look and function as though we haven’t.”

I’m interested in empowering mums to learn how to love themselves from the inside out, to show them their self-worth in the season of life they’re in. To enjoy the quality of life they’d like, without the embarrassment of leaking or a pooch. To be the best version of themselves, not comparing or trying to match-up up to the pressures, false images and expectations in social media.

I’m driven to remove the shame of a mum’s body, rather encourage them to wear their mum badges with pride. Enabling them to be healthy, happy and confident in their own skin. The strongest and fittest they’ve ever been, enjoying the quality of life they deserve – with, of course – leak free laughter!

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