We specialise in educating health and fitness professionals on the safe and effective techniques and approaches used for training clients during their prenatal and postnatal stages. Once postnatal, you're postnatal for life!

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Hi, I'm Kirstyn,

When my daughter was 7 years old, I tore my tummy muscles from top to bottom during a burpee challenge. As a personal trainer myself I WAS SHOCKED that my qualifications hadn't taught me anything on how the changes to the female body throughout her life can impact it's response to exercise.

This is what inspired me to dive deep into study, research and mentorship to become a specialist in training women safely. Completing multiple courses with national and international educators covering Pregnancy, Postnatal, Pelvic Floor dysfunction, Return to running, Diastasis recti, Female Athletes.

7+ years on and I am passionate about sharing that knowledge with other trainers and health professionals, so that they can help their clients gain the most out of recovery, exercise, sport, life and avoid injuring their bodies like I did.

We work with gyms, various health organisations, government departments and charities, to help them keep their wahine clients safe when returning to exercise any length of time after having children throughout her lifespan.

What professionals have to say about our courses:

Sarah Watkins

Personal Trainer

Fantastic course! You're both fabulous and generous trainers with so much knowledge in this area. This area is a part of our training that is certainly neglected in our education. Your course is so easy to follow and understand, and Kirstyn is remarkable in her explanations. Can't wait to take the next step and teach the classes. I can honestly 100% say I have not come across trainers like these two - that give their valuable time and energy to you. You're amazing Kirstyn and certainly deserve your rewards in the teaching of this area. 

Nikki Williams

Exercise NZ Business Development Manager & Personal Trainer

Kirstyn is the my "go to" expert for Pelvic Floor knowledge and support. As a mentor, Kirstyn is caring, supportive and empowering. I have seen her passion for education & sharing her knowledge first hand and it inspires me and all around her. Kirstyn has a great knack for using the right language for her audience, getting her message across to improve trainers and her clients. Putting people at ease on the tough subjects and allowing everyone to learn and improve because of her approach. Kirstyn is still the first on my list for pelvic floor education. 

Angela Oliver

Fitness Professional

Kirstyn is an incredibly knowledgeable and passionate trainer. The women in her care can be confident that they are receiving the gold standard of pre and postnatal fitness coaching and support and any trainers learning from her will be secure in the knowledge that they will be able to really enhance their offerings in a meaningful way. 

Gretchen Anderson

Fitness Professional

Whoohoo just completed this course ... Great work Kirstyn! It's a real eye opener on how little I actually  know about myself  and women.  So a BIG THANK YOU KIRSTYN for this course. I really enjoyed it and learnt A LOT from it. Keep up the good work mate.

Megan Reyden

Exercise Physiologist

A fabulous resource for exercise trainers to help guide their clients through the initial phases of returning to exercise post-covid. It is a well-rounded resource with information from a variety of professionals with first-hand experience. Hats off to the team that have put this resource together, everyone working in the fitness industry needs to be aware of how to safely implement exercise following covid, and this is the resource that will help!

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