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We specialise in training trainers how to train their prenatal and postnatal clients safely...

Hi, I'm Kirstyn,

When my daughter was 7 years old, I tore my tummy muscles from top to bottom during a burpee challenge. As a personal trainer myself I WAS SHOCKED! How could I have not known this was safe?!

This is what inspired me to become a specialist in training women safely.

Now I am passionate about sharing that knowledge with other trainers, so that they can help their clients avoid injuring their bodies like I did.

We work with gyms, organisations, government departments and charities, to help them keep their clients safe when returning to exercise, any length of time after having children.

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Pre, Postnatal and
Core Restore

2.5 CPDs

Pelvic Floor Essentials for Fitness Professionals

6.5 CPDs / 10 CECs

Exercising After COVID-19


Take our pre, postnatal and pelvic floor for fitness professionals course

Worth 6 CPDs

It covers:


  • How pregnancy impacts the mum’s body, her health, her pelvic floor muscles and exercise.
  • How the pelvic floor muscles are impacted throughout the 3 trimesters.
  • Health risks to look out for during her training along with clear direction on safely training a pregnant mum.
  • Discussion & Practical time, covering:
    – Various challenging exercises throughout the pregnancy,
    – Great alternatives
    –  Adaptions for common pregnancy health challenges to  help keep the mum moving and in the best condition for childbirth.


  • The impact of childbirth on her body – looking into C-section and vaginal deliveries.
  • How pelvic floor muscles are impacted from childbirth (deeper into prolapse, pelvic floor disfunction including incontinence).
  • Understanding diastasis recti (ab separation): the potential causes, how to check  for DR and help improve deep core integrity.
  • How to activate the deep core muscles: empowering the coach to instruct on how to use the deep core during exercise and daily life
  • Details on doming/ coning and how to avoid it.
  • How hormones (Relaxin, the cycle, Perimenopause, Menopause) impact a woman’s body during exercise; what to look out for and how to adapt to get the best out of her for her training.
  • Discussion & practical time, covering:
    – Various challenging exercises for both new and seasoned mums with an abundance of great alternatives to offer (with HIIT, strength, agility etc.) to help them train hard and safe.

The practical elements are designed to help each attendee to be able to put in to practise what has been taught, and, to help you understand and be able to adjust the programmed exercises on the fly – confidently and without delay. 

Hands on practical training
Detailed slide handouts for easy notes
Easily implement with clients
Includes questions to ask clients for better support