Hey Lovely!

Thank you for joining me. I’m Kirstyn Campbell. Mum to two amazing children 7 & 10yrs. Wife to the best daddy and friend a girl could ask for, The Chad.

3 yrs ago, I tore my stomach muscles down the middle and weakened my pelvic floor through exercising unsafely, like everyone else does, how we’re taught to – like men do. This lead me into studying pre and post natal exercise and specializing in how to exercise women safely. Men and women have a different body make up, we need to acknowledge this and exercise accordingly!

WE are a community of likeminded everyday AMAZING badass mum’s! Here to learn how to listen to our amazing bodies that have performed miracles in growing our children and doing our best to keep them feed, warm and smothered in love.

We are here to learn how to move safely, to learn how to listen to our body again. To strengthen our body from the inside out, building solid foundations to function well as a mum and women. And ultimately get as fit and strong as we’d each like.

Here at KC Fit @ HOME we do honest, uplifting, supportive, encouraging, and loving on our journey of motherhood. We do dry knickers, closing tummy splits, safe return to exercise with alterations to any and all injuries. We do fun, freedom from adult seriousness and finding ourselves.

Thanks again for joining me, I’m a trainer who is very passionate about helping educate mum’s on how to exercise the way your body needs to on any given day – whatever that looks like for you. After learning first hand that conventional exercise isn’t what my mum body needs anymore – I want to help others heal and enjoy being active without a lifetime of wet knickers and huge tummy split.

Please make yourself at homeĀ xo

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What to do now


Join the Community: Facebook Group (link to FB group T&Cs). Read the introduction post there.


Watch the introduction course. Do this BEFORE you do any of the workouts.

The intro course teaches you how to activate the right muscles so you are doing the workouts properly. It contains just 3 short videos.

You’ll learn:

  • How to measure your progress while being part of KC Fit @ Home
  • How to activate your core and abdominals properly so you get the most out of the workouts
  • How to check what level you’re at now

Start the course.


Once you’ve completed the course above, now you’re ready to start this weeks workouts!

Check what workouts are up this week.

Final thing

If at any time you need help, I’m available via the chat bubble in the lower right area of your screen or in the Facebook group. Don’t hesitate to reach out!